Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

Vision: Imparting chemistry education and research tor a greener environment leading to conducive, sustainable , healthier living of humankind and other forms of life. 

Mission: To make chemistry education socially relevant inclusive and higher in quality leading to higher levels of learning and research which may contribute significantly towards the holistic growth of the society. 

About Chemistry Department 

Department of Chemistry started its teaching program for the first batch of undergraduates from August 2017 with a General Chemistry course followed by courses covering all the aspects in physical, organic and inorganic chemistry well integrated with laboratory courses. It is affiliated to Periyar University, Salem. The department ensures that UG Chemistry throws open salient avenues in terms of career options and equipping oneself for competitive world of industry and academics. Chemistry as a subject is interrelated with almost all branches of science. It offers allied chemistry for other science branches and non major elective courses. The department believes in maintaining high standards and discipline in offering the course that meet their guidelines for success in chemistry and associated professional areas. 

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Dr. P. Neeraja, Assistant Professor and Head


Dr. N.Prasanna, Assistant Professor