The college is not vested with any power to design and frame the curricula of its own. The University concerned (PERIYAR UNIVERSITY) only provides the curricular frame work. The College’s sole duty is to execute the same with vigor and power so that it’s cherished ideologies and speculative thoughts will be translated in to reality. The syllabus that is formulated with view of fruitifying the curricular objectives will be periodically revised and revamped so as to meet the growing need of the society and its global challenges. The University sets up the board of the studies for every subject that consists of subject experts, excellence scholars and eminent educationalists. The board examines all the facts pertaining to the subject especially the ever – changing the world scenario, current advancements, innovations etc., The bounden duty of the college is to facilitate the staff and student and also helps them immensely to realize the pre-mediated ends of the University designed for the upliftment of the society. The choice based credit

Systems (CBCS) are the new currency that gains many benefits to the students on its role. Apart from this college conducts many-a-number of programs to ensure the overall development of the students. The programme that which grid up the students and boost their talents are: Soft skills training, Communication skills, Personality Development, Interview techniques etc.,

After the intake of the students through fair means the faculty members throw themselves into the process of teaching. Well established and systemized teaching methods adopted to impart education to the students. Keeping in mind the unpromising back ground of the freshers, bridge courses are conducted to rebrush their memories.

As soon as the ground is clear for academic courses of learning, the teaching faculties adopt all the possible ways to stuff the students with first hand subject knowledge which are Generally skill – created.

ICT facility is potentially used to train the students to acquire practical skill and acumen. All the departments are supplied with data-card to have easy access to internet facility. The teaching staff duly recharged with facilities such as Orientation progrmmes, Refresher courses, Seminars, Workshops and other training programmes. Library with plenty of books and well equipped laboratories act as a potential source of knowledge for both the teaching faculty and the students. The low achievers and the first generation poor performers are given remedial coaching to cope their studies and to achieve success in academic pursuits. To provide individual care and sustained mending to the students, a tutorial system has been introduced. This greatly helps to increase the percentage of attendance and has considerably reduced the dropout rate.

Evaluation is the integral part of the teaching learning process. The college has taken all the necessary measures to evaluate the students internally and externally. The periodic conduct of tests and the model exams have steadily increased the confidence of the students and the output has become enormous. There are special cells to attend the grievance of the students and make them get along with others amiably.

The dynamic leader is a person who can make even a servile laggard a stupendous scholar. The well-defined governing body of the college called the college governing council with its scintillating activities has brought out immense change in the college.

Hence, a phenomenal growth can be witnessed in all the spheres such as, academic excellence, financial management, personal management, office administration etc. The vision and mission of the college can be easily implemented by the staff in their thought and deed for the progress of the institution. The heads of all the departments collectively contribute a great deal of works and render all kinds of cooperation to the Principal so as to translate the idealistic vision and the mission of the college into a stark reality.

The college governing council is vested with the power to take all the decisions pertaining to the matter of academic interest, student’s welfare, administration, admission, discipline and financial matters. The present setup with its electronic facilities paves a clear-cut way to the future e_governance.

The Internal Quality assurance is properly managed by the IQAC committee of the college. The Welfare of the staff and the students are duly cared for. The Teachers Recruitment Board, one of the governmental agency is responsible for recruiting new staff. However, the fresher’s are given orientations to enable them to imbibe the fruitful values and ideals of collegiate education. Apart from the governmental faculty enrichment programs, the college too arranges abundance of  programs such as; seminars, workshops, and training program to indicate deep rooted social, cultural & ethical values in the minds of the teaching faculties the empowered teachers which in turn empower the students community to bring about a great social upliftment.

Where there is commitment & sustained effort, there is growth & achievement-The college strives to bring forth innovative methods in the field of education & administration, for, the educational goals can be reached with the help of sound administration. Many of the faculty members have evolved innovative methods to make their teaching effective. The staff have inspired the student to bring out ides for new project work so as to build India a mighty nation. Some of the P.G students have applied for TASCHE (Tamil Nadu State Council for Higher Education) Minor Research Project and hopefully awaiting for positive result.

Preparing question banks for the use of student is one of the best practices followed in the college. This System makes the students familiar with the University question patterns and subsequently valises their confidence –level considerably. Coaching the student with a set of question bank has yielded fruitful results.

The dress code and the issuing of ID cards are the others practice that have helped the smooth and flawless function of the institution. The dress code has brought about decency and erases the differences among the students and acts as a bliss in disguise to hide the poverty of students. University examinations is made mandatory This system has remarkably helped the institution to stop impersonation and examination  jockies.

The green audit is one of the best practices that the college has implemented to reduce the consumption of energy & to create awareness among the students so they may follow the same in their households as well.

All these practices & the whole-hearted devotion of the teaching faculties have contributed enormously to the harmonious development of the young students who pursue higher education in this enshrined educational institution.