Government Arts and Science College – Hosur, is a renowned educational institution with a long tradition and stupendous achievements. It provides a salubrious and inspiring atmosphere to every eager aspirant who wishes to pursue any course of study to achieve upper mobility in the society with sound career at   hand.

It disseminates quality education with time tested values to whoever comes to its fold like a citadel of an ever shining monarch. Ever since its inception the college has been fashioned and fortified to produce many number of successful personalities, impeccable scholars, radiant tycoons and notable statesman. In short it is a boon to the under privileged and down trodden of this locality.

Situated at a strategic position on the Hosur – Denkanikottai highway 6 km from the heart of Hosur town, it serves tirelessly to the backward community like beacon light. It was found in 1964 with the main objective to uplift the people of Hosur whose Chief occupation was to toil in the field and reap the corns and not knowing much about the fruits of education and social progress.

The college strikes to achieve the overall development of the students whoever obligingly keep face with the Ideological, Philosophical, and Education studies of the Institution. It aims at the multi faced growth of the students. Besides achieving academic objectives, the institution indomitably endeavours to shape the character of the student which are undisputedly essential for the sustained growth of every individual, as Gokhale stresses its great significance and valued it on pan with other academic achievements.

Executive Summary

The college with term of its erudite faculty members has made an unflinching commitment to edify, enrich and nurture aspirants whoever eagerly come to its fold and also shape their characters and vitalize their mental caliber so that they could build sound careers to realize their own Covetous goals of life and to prove themselves be the worthy citizens of the nation. Its effort is irrepressible and its progress is unrelenting. The accreditation is an occasion that demands the College to take back its part achievements and in this juncture, it is required to review its various plans, educational strategies and flawless executions of various deliberations taken periodically. The college hereby makes a self study so as to evaluate its long journey over the past five years through groups of educational achievements under the seven prescribed criteria to showcase its cherishing aspects.

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